Roof Moss Removal

Portland Roof Cleaning article about how to exactly go about roof moss removal of heavy moss from your composition roof. Many homeowners are concerned with moss growth on their composition roof. After many years of dealing with moss, in most cases roof moss removal should first apply a moss treatment . In most cases the moss will die and fall off. There are different types of treatment on the market today which promise big results some deliver and some not so much for roof moss removal.

Roof Moss removal of live moss can cause damage to the roof shingles

Many companies will gladly provide roof moss removal of live moss from your roof, while some types of moss come off fairly easy, most do not. The process in which live moss is removed from the roof used to be pressure washing. Some companies offer low pressure roof moss removal roof cleaning and if you have a roof where the moss comes off extremely easy and the roof cleaner is a professional this may be a viable option if you need the moss removed right a way for insurance purposes or you are selling the home very quickly. We have been to plenty of homes however, where the damage was not able to be fixed and the homeowners are now faced with the financial burden of roof replacement instead of simply treating the roof moss removal practice.

Roof moss removal by wire brush

Another alternative in roof moss removal is brushing the edges of the roof shingles with a wire brush. We have seen many videos of companies brushing live moss from composition roofs providing roof moss removal services. If companies are using this method why not treat the roof first? In our experience, this seems like a much more logical way of preserving the roof. It seems logical that dead moss would be more easily removed from the roof than live moss with roots firmly attached to the ceramic granules. By forcibly removing live moss from the shingle’s edge the company is creating premature wear on the shingles. In our experience, simply treating the roof moss is enough to greatly reduce the size and ability for the moss to damage the roof shingles. The following year if the roof is able to be walked on blow off the loose moss and repeat the treatment. If there is moss left after this, roof moss removal service can be provided during the dry times of the year before the roof gets a chance to heat up. With the moss being so dry it will just crumble and while the shingle will still receive a bit of wear by brushing it is a better alternative.

Roof moss removal techniques for a longer lasting composition roof

Most of our customers who are concerned with the roof moss are not interested in replacing the roof before it’s expected warranty. If you hire a company that creates damage either by brushing or pressure washing, which by the way will void your warranty, you will be replacing the roof at your expense. Our roof moss removal process gently treats the roof for a year or two first, if there is anything left after that time period we can gently nudge the last little bit off when it’s dead and dry.

We understand some homeowners just want the moss off, either they are putting the home up for sale or trying to pass an inspection for new home owners insurance. Whatever the reason we just want to provide you with alternatives and information about roof moss removal.

Roof Moss Removal