Roof Moss Removal – Zinc Strips for Roofs

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Among the greatest concerns with composition roofs within the Northwest area is Roof Moss Removal. Many clients request us to set up zinc strips for roofs, which are meant to help control moss growth. You will find various kinds of zinc strips for roofs, usually they’re installed in the ridge line and peaks. The idea behind zinc strips for roofs is the fact that a tiny bit of zinc will release with each rain supplying enough protection to assist repel moss and keep the composition roof moss free. Theoretically this sounds good, but actually normally, this is not the situation whatsoever.

Zinc strip effectiveness on roof moss removal

As you can tell in the picture above Zinc strips for roofs possess a couple of problems in relation to roof moss removal. The very first being, they don’t provide sufficient zinc to repel moss. The 2nd, may be the actual zinc strip can curl as you can tell within the photo. This will cause water to funnel towards the outdoors edges rather than straight lower the rooftop. We have observed this on many occasions, besides the client have ugly moss growing on the top, but an ugly metal zinc strip that is not doing anything to safeguard the rooftop. Adding a zinc strip also invites water within the home through the nail holes used to secure the zinc strip.

Other alternatives to zinc strips for roofs and roof moss removal

We have heard it all over the years, in relation to roof moss removal. Simply throw copper pennies on the top, laundry cleaning soap, thirty seconds along with a whole listing of other home mixtures. Many of which work a bit, in some places when the planets are aligned right. Typically management of moss is definitely an ongoing process due to our climate. Pressure washing or scraping moss is going to create premature wear on the material,there’s without doubt about this.  Quick methods to remove moss will cost you money over time. The very best solution is to buy on the annual treatment plan to keep your roof healthy.

Zinc Strips as well as their role in roof moss removal