Roof moss removal and control in the Northwest

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Roof moss removal has various methods of thought for the tough Northwest moss. Northwest moss can be a vigorous and invasive species especially on composition, tile and cedar shake roofs. Companies have many methods of thought on the best way to deal with the species. Some companies choose to pressure wash composition roofs, this method has been used for a number of years. Although, in most cases, this method will void the home owners warranty and cause massive damage to the material. Others will tackle roof moss removal by using a wire brush and scour the edge a few times and scrub the moss right off. While this does work, it will also remove granules, and push moss fibers into the material. We believe the BEST solution is a long term treatment plan, chemically treating the roof keep the moss at bay. This protects the roof, keeps your roofing material out of the landfill before it’s 30-40 year life span.

Watch this roof moss removal video