roof mossRoof moss comes in all different shapes and sizes and will grow on just about anything in the Northwest. There are approximately twelve thousand species of mosses throughout the world. How does roof moss affect your composition roof? Well, mosses have a root-like structure called Rhizoids that attaches to the ceramic granules on your roofing material. This evasive species flourishes in the mild damp climates such as Portland, Oregon. Roof moss can be problematic if it is allowed to grow freely without any sort of moss control. There are various methods to control and remove roof moss depending on the style of roof you have, and whether or not you are trying to maximize your roof life or quickly rid the roof of moss. You can click on our Contact Us link or call (503) 844-6500.


Most environmentally friendly way to control roof moss?

The best way to naturally try and control roof moss is to try to give the roof as much sunlight as possible. If there are any tree branches that are within 3ft of the roof line they should be cut to maximize sunlight on the roof. If there is debris such as leaves, pine needles or any other type of roofing debris it should be blown off to keep the roof free of debris. This is all done to try and maximize the sunlight that can reach the roofing material and dry it out as quickly as possible. If the homeowner has tried these options and still moss grows on the roof, it might be time to consider a moss treatment. You can click on our Contact Us link or call (503) 844-6500.


How can roof moss damage my roof?

Composition roofs that have a moss build up can be damaged in a number of ways. Moss can grow underneath the end of the roofing material and start to lift up the edge of the shingle. Moss roots or rhizoids attach to the ceramic granules and if the moss is ripped off the roof takes a bit of roofing material with it. If the roof is pressure washed or wire brushed this is very common. Birds also peck at the moss and use it for nesting material, which can leave holes in the composition roofing. You can click on our Contact Us link or call (503) 844-6500.

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