Is it possible to clean your roof without the use of a pressure washer or a steel brush wearing away your roof? Using a steel brush or broom to clean the moss off of your roof will create premature wear and damage. The safest way is to simply treat the roof and let the moss fall off naturally. Trying to remove the moss with a brush will pull granules off of your composition roof and take years off the life of your roof. Roof cleaning in Portland has its share of mold and moss. Who you hire to deal with it can mean the difference between 15 0r 30 years of life for your roof. Trying to safe a few bucks now will cost you a lot more sooner when it comes time to replace the roof.

Look here at these pictures of a roof scraped with a brush and then treated with a moss repellent. This is the standard way most companies clean your roof of moss. Don’t be a victim of ignorance, give us a call and we can help. 503-844-6500

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Shingle Damage

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Shingle Damage From Brushing Roof

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Major Roof Damage From Removing Moss

Hire a good contractor who KNOWS what he is doing and you can prevent this. It’s better to spend a little more money up front then to hire some guy who is $100 cheaper and have irreversible damge to your roof. We do everything we can to educate you the homeowner with this process.