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We get over 100 calls a month regarding moss control and our herbicidal roof cleaning Portland Oregon services. Our mission is simple, educate the consumer on the pro’s and con’s of aggressive moss removal and give them as many options as possible with regards to roof cleaning in Portland Oregon. We provide a safe alternative to aggressive moss removal that will not damage the composition roofing material and at the same time control moss. The problem with living in the Pacific Northwest is the wet climate is perfect for moss. Every spring there is an explosion of moss growth and customers are looking for a way to control the moss without causing unwanted wear on the roofing material. The problem is most homeowners do not realize the damage that is caused by inexperienced roof cleaning Portland Oregon companies.

Roof Cleaning Portland Oregon professional talks about aggressive moss removal

By aggressive moss removal, we mean removal of moss by pressure washing or using a steel brush. These are the two methods, most commonly used in our area, and can create accelerated wear on the edges and top of the composition shingle. While these methods are effective at removing moss, they also shorten the life of the roof. Let’s face it, moss is always going to grow, we need a way to control moss growth without the damaging effects of wire brushing or pressure washing. Using a herbicide to control moss growth does not do any damage to the roofing material. It provides a safe and effective way for Roof Cleaning Portland Oregon residents to control moss growth. We see damage everyday on roofs from using a wire brush and/or pressure washing the composition shingles to remove moss.

Roof Cleaning Damage Caused by A Roof Cleaning Portland Oregon Company

The above photo was taken a few weeks ago while working on a customers home. The “black algae” area in the middle of the photo is actually granule loss. The reddish colored granules are missing and only the felt paper remains to “protect” the roof from the elements. The homeowner wasn’t aware of any damage to the roofing material at the time of her roof cleaning Portland Oregon service. These “professionals” removed moss via a pressure washer ripping granules away from the roofing material and causing unwanted damage to the home. The problem is not the moss, it can be controlled safely. The problem is lack of education on proper ways to deal with the moss growth on the composition roofing material.

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